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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are created when users visit websites. Cookies are stored in computers, tablets, smartphones and in any other device with Internet connection. When users surf again on the Internet, cookies are transmitted to the websites.
In order to learn more, please, read our cookie policy (and also the privacy policy of our website:
It is possible to choose which cookies should be kept or not; it is also possible to set up each cookie following the instructions below. There are different cookies; some of them increase the efficiency of the website, while others enable some features.

Which cookies are used in this website?

The website uses cookies as you may find below. The chart contains information about the domain, the cookie and the permanence.

Dominio Cookie Permanence Information SRCHD 1 year
Cookie by Bing used to give the user relevant advertising; it is possible to visit the following link to read the policy: _SS Permanent _EDGE_S Permanent _EDGE_V 1 year SRCHUID 1 year SRCHUSR 1 year _gcl_au 3 months Technical cookie used to manage online maps _ga 2 years Cookie analytics (Google), registra un ID univoco utilizzato per generare dati statistici su come il visitatore utilizza il sito internet. _gid 1 day Google Analytics Cookie records information about the page a user has seen in order to deliver statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. dev 3 years Technical Cookie _dc_gtm_UA-149512419-2 Session Google Analytics Cookie
Google Analytics cookies allow the owner to gather and process data about the website, the time a user spends on the website and other data in order to have an overview on the website. Processed data are anonymized while they are gathered and this way the Owner cannot associate them to a user.

Consent cookies as indicated by law

Technical cookies cannot be disabled by users, since they are necessary for the proper use of the website. Nevertheless, they cannot gather personal data. As per Google Analytics Cookies, they can be excluded by setting up the Browser. However, they are considered technical cookies because they don’t record any data.

Cookies on users’ computer

Cookies have a limited duration which is determined when set up is done.

Cookies can be:

session cookies or temporary cookies: they are used to archive temporary information; they allow to link actions made during a specific session and they are deleted as users close the navigation window.
Persistent cookies: they are used to archive information such as display settings or writing fonts in order to let users modify them every time they use a specific website. These cookies are stored in the computer even when the navigation window is closed.

How to manage cookies

In compliance with current regulations regarding the protection of personal data:
Decree 196/03 as modified by decree 101/2018
Regulation 2016/679 EU – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
Consent to use cookies (8 May 2014 – Gazzetta Ufficiale n.126 3 June 2014) – it is possible to modify cookie consent anytime by deleting them and clicking back to the website homepage

According to the Italian legislative decree 196/2003 and the EU Regulation, users can decide to exercise the following rights:
Right to access and obtain a copy of personal data
Right to amend and delete personal data
Right to limit data processing
Right to withdraw the consent
Right to portability of data
Right to oppose

In order to exercise these rights, please contact:

Owner: ANTEO s.r.l.
Address: Via Onorato Vigliani n. 143/B – 10127 Torino (TO)
Certified e-mail: –
Phone number: +39 011/6192112 – +39 019/4509255

If users have already consented, but they would like to change cookies, they should cancel them through their browser as indicated in the policy, because, otherwise, those cookies will not be removed. In particular, it is not possible to control third-party cookies, so if consent has already been expressed, then it is necessary to cancel cookies through the browser or by opting out directly to third parties or through the website:
To learn more, please click on the following links:

How to disable cookies

As previously said, it is possible to proceed by blocking cookies directly by the browser.

1. Set up Chrome
2. Click on the menu in the toolbar of the browser next to the URL
3. Select settings
4. click on Show Advanced settings
5. In the “Privacy” section, click on the button “content set up”
6. in the “Cookie” section, it is possible to modify the following options:

  1. ave data on the local browser
  2. modify the local data only when the browser is closed
  3. Block websites to set up cookies
  4. block third-party cookies and websites’ data
  5. manage exceptions for some websites
  6. delete one or all cookies

Mozilla Firefox
1. Set up Mozilla Firefox
2. Click on the menu in the toolbar of the browser next to the URL
3. select options
4. select privacy
5. click on Advanced settings
6. In the “Privacy” section, click on the button “content set up”
7. in the “tracking” section, it is possible to modify the following options:

  • ask websites not to track cookies
  • let websites track cookies
  • not to communicate any preference about personal data tracking

By clicking on “History” it is possible to:

  • Accept third-party cookies (always, from both most visited website or never visited websites) and to keep them for a due time (until their expiring date, when Firefox will be closed)
  • Remove each tracked cookie

Internet Explorer
1. Set up Internet Explorer
2. click on Settings and choose Internet Options
3. click on the Privacy chart (under settings) and decide accordingly to:

  • block any cookie
  • consent any cookie
  • select websites whose cookie are accepted: move

4. Select websites from which users want to obtain cookies; move the mouse in an intermediate position in order not to block or consent all the cookies; click on websites, insert a website and click on Block or Consent.

Safari 6
1. Set up Safari
2. click on Safari, select preferences and click on Privacy
3. in the section Block cookies specify how Safari should accept cookies
4. In order to see which websites have stored cookies, click on details

Safari iOS (mobile devices)
1. Set up Safari iOS
2. Click on settings and then Safari
3. Click on Block cookies and choose among the options: Never, third-party cookies/advertising or always

1. set up Opera
2. click on preferences and then advanced setting and Cookies
3. select one of the options below:

  • accept cookies
  • accept cookies from visited websites: third-party cookies and those which have a different domain will be blocked
  • Refuse to accept cookies: they won’t be saved. For further information

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